7 Reasons it Sucks to be a Slow Reader

I’ve been hanging around the bookish parts of the web for a while now, and I’m still astounded by how quickly you kids can devour books. There are people on my Goodreads feed who can finish five to 10 books in one week. And I swear, speed-reading must be a prerequisite for being a book blogger.

I’m an extremely slow-reader. Blame the day job. Years of copy editing for a living have made me paranoid of overlooking even one comma. It’s a great skill to have for the office, but terrible in every other situation because:

1. I’m always behind the latest bookish trends.

Black girl reading

I have no idea what titles the cool kids are currently reading. I’ve read a lot on the Twitters about An Ember in the Ashes. I look forward to finally finishing it in December 2018.

2. I’m constantly getting spoiled.

Shirley from Community closing book

I was planning to read Me Before You before Twitter/the media/my mom revealed how unhappy of a romance it was.

(In retrospect, this one might be a perk.)

3. Goodreads is constantly stressing me out.

Stress gif

I’m currently 16 books behind on my 2016 reading challenge, and one of my “Currently Reading” titles hasn’t been updated since June. Thanks to technology, my book anxieties can now be quantified.

4. I keep forgetting what I’ve read.


I don’t have favorite characters. I don’t have favorite scenes. I have only those parts of the book that I can actually remember.

5. I’m always being judged by other readers.

Read hunny.

I told a co-worker I was reading Homegoing and she replied “Still????” Yes, Heather. Still. Thanks for bringing that conversation to a screeching halt.

6. I’m too guilty to buy new books

Treat yo' self.

This one is only partially true. I feel terribly guilty about all the books I haven’t finished. I buy new ones, anyway.

7. I constantly owe my library money.


Because not only am I slow, I’m unorganized. Hello, late fees.

I know I can’t be the only one who takes their sweet time with books and would love more slow-reading friends. Hit me up! Follow my personal Twitter or chat books with me and Elizabeth at @blackchicklit.

Dani reads because she’s too poor to do much else. She studied journalism at the University of Missouri, so really, what did she expect? She’s sick of YA but will read the hell out of some Harlequin novels. She’s a producer of digital content and she lives in St. Louis. Find her on Twitter at @Dani_Lacey.

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  1. First of all, your GIF game is on point! Secondly, I am with you! I read so slowly and I want to do better :(. I have a daunting TBR list I’m afraid I’ll never complete and that hurts me LOL. Let’s support each other and do better!

  2. I have switched now to audible. I’m horrible and lazy, I know. But that was the only way I could finish “Year Of Yes.” I regret nothing.

    1. Haha’ I’ve listened to a LOT of audiobooks this year (after years of “physical books only” snobbery). I still feel a little weird about it, but I can’t say that I regret it.

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