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We’re doing something special this episode! In preparation of FX’s new series Kindred, which will stream on Hulu beginning Dec. 13, we’ve decided to study up and learn more about the book and its genius author, Octavia Butler.

Join us as we share some cool info about Ms. Butler, including what she had to say about her ability to write the future with eerie accurateness. Fun fact: The people at NASA are some real sci-fi nerds. Our girl Octavia has not one but two(!) astronomical features named after her.

Then, we dig into Kindred, Butler’s most iconic title. We’ve discussed a Kindred adaptation before, but this time we really get into Dana’s struggle. Not only does she have to deal with one ancestor who’s a racist slaveowner and another who hates her, she also has to put up with her husband’s shit!

Listen in and get ready for the first-ever TV adaptation of Kindred!

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Thanks to our sponsor FX for supporting us with this episode. And as always, thanks to Suite45 for our theme song, Jones’n.

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