After a touch of the flu and one nervous breakdown, we finally got around to discussing Alyssa Cole’s new release, A Hope DividedThis is the second book in Cole’s Loyal League series; check out the previous episode where we chat about the first book, An Extraordinary Union

We briefly debate how murder-y Ewan, Dani regrettably googles “intercrural sex” and Mollie pitches an Avengers-style crossover starring “two spies, a botanist and a murder bro.” There’s a lot happening. BTW, spoiler alert. This one’s got some twists, guys. So if you don’t want things ruined for you, read and then come back to listen.

As always, follow us on Twitter at @blackchicklit to take part in the next #BCLChat. As we prepare for our end-of-the-year book discussion, we want to know what’s the best thing you’ve read this year.

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