Happy Valentine’s Day, listeners!

Love is in the air! It’s our annual romance episode, and this year, we’re reading the Slayer of Words herself: Ms. Beverly Jenkins. We read Dani’s favorite Jenkins’ novel, A Chance at Love. (Or as Mollie titled it, The Education of Jake Reed.) There are precocious children, farm animal hijinks and a marriage of convenience that ends up causing more problems than it solves. It’s basically a black historical rom-com, and we loved it.

We dig into it all, as well as sketchy Missouri hospitals, Kansas’ poor taste in mascots and our romance philosophies.

Listen in and get ready for our next episode when we speak to the Slayer herself! We get to chat with Ms. Jenkins about romance, writing and her impressive career. Any questions you want us to ask? Be sure to tweet them to us at @blackchicklit by Feb. 16.

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  1. From what I remember, the actual wagon train story with Grace as the heroine is found in Always and Forever. Loreli is included. The wagon train is also included in Topaz. This story includes the investigative reporter from Philly, Kate. I think Loreli is mentioned in passing since the main characters are part of the wagon train. And, Madison’s story is Wild Sweet Love and I think she’s vaguely mentioned as the only other unconventional woman Madison knows in reference to the main heroine. I’m such a nerd… lol

    1. LOLOLOL My grandmother used to use castor oil in my hair. Who knows what stank grease they were using back then, but I wouldn’t put it past Ms. Jenkins to through some shade at Blue Magic.
      (I’m late but I had to reply to this.)

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