We were feeling nostalgic, so this month, we decided to go back and check out our favorite kid lit titles. And if you were a little girl who loved books in the 90s, you loved the American Girl series.

We read the first three books of the Addy series — from her enslavement on a North Carolina plantation to her eventual escape to freedom in Philadelphia. And boy, did our girl struggle. All the time. Like, this child never got a break.

This children’s series touched on all matter of topics including the breaking up of enslaved families, prejudice and colorism. But … did it need to? 

We realized we’ve been here for two years and never really introduced ourselves properly to y’all. So we want to know what you want to know. About us, about books, about podcasting. Whatever. Tweet us your questions and follow us on Twitter at @blackchicklit to take part in the next #BCLChat.

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