As we prep for our first birthday celebration (whoop! whoop!), we asked you what your favorite adaptation of a book was. We share your responses, and also have a really passionate discussion about how everyone has been messing up lately. Listen in!

Thanks to @thisonevanessa, @chanellshorter, @charelliam@LocPressedBooks, @ellisromance and @Everywoman98 for taking part in this month’s chat!

Don’t forget: We’re celebrating our first birthday with the lovely ladies at @MochaGirlsRead! We’re going to record a special collab episode with them and have a virtual movie night/live Tweet session on Twitter.

We asked you to vote on which book-turned-movie you wanted featured. Your pick? Queen Sugar!  Visit the Mocha Girls Read website, enter the special code and you’ll have a chance to win a copy of Queen Sugar and a $5 Amazon gift card. Thanks, ladies!


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  1. Enjoyed listening. The sound was great! I love like minded black ladies, you guys give me some ideas on what books to check out next. Thanks!

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