We’re wrapping up 2020 by talking about all the things we did (and didn’t do) to keep our heads above water. Sister Sister marathon anyone?

Topics include:

  • Dr. Jill Biden
  • Booktube shenanigans
  • a campaign to get Dani to play Mass Effect
  • Mollie saying Dallinar a lot
  • and a reflection on our very social year

Thanks as always to our generous patrons — we’ve got a ton of extras from this episode coming your way! Shout out to Martel, Jennifer, Ansela, Therese, Melissa, Catherine, Katie, Emily, LaToya, Ali, Kat, Montara, Maria, Adoria, Frank, Ellen, Sylvia, Bryonna and Curtis.

And thanks to Suite45 for use of our theme, Jonse’n.

We’ll see you all in 2021 for Urban Lit January!

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