2018 was both the longest and the shortest year imaginable. We saw Black Panther. We mocked the Tide-Pod Challenge. And we read books. So many books.

In this episode, we look back at our year of reading and talk about the good, the bad and the very disappointing. We talk about why we may be done with the Saga series, share some behind-the-scenes secrets about the Whiskey & Ribbons episode and try and figure out just what the hell a “womanly fold” is. (Spoiler alert: It’s exactly what you think it is.) Heads up: Major spoilers for Saga, volume 9 from 32:56 to 35:20. 

Shout out to @charelliam for writing in and reminding us about all the drama on BookTube this year.

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And don’t forget: January is Urban Fic month! Join us when we read Addicted by Zane. It’s gonna be wild.

Thanks again for joining us for another year of insightful nonsense! This wouldn’t be half as fun to do without you all listening in.

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