Happy New Year, y’all! We hope you had a fantastic holiday and a wonderful start to your 2020.

‘Cause RWA certainly didn’t!

In case you missed it, the Romance Writers of America are embroiled in what the Guardian calls a “racism row.” We attempt to break down what they fucked up this time and, whew, chile. It’s a mess.

FYI: This mess is currently ongoing and evolving; in fact, it was a bit out of date the afternoon we recorded. For the latest updates and wtf-ery?, we definitely recommend checking out this Twitter moment with all the details created by Romance Sparks Joy.

If you’re curious to learn more, we previously discussed the RWA’s inclusivity and racism problems in a previous episode. Mollie argued that an organization that didn’t look out for all its members was irrelevant and Dani argued that the organization served a purpose and was taking steps to amend their issues. Guess who came out the fool?

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And don’t forget: January is Urban Fic month! This year, we’re reading Hold U Down by Keisha Ervin. Read up, drink up (’cause you know this is our messiest episode) and join us! 

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