August is our birthday month! It’s been two years of nonsense, and we’re thankful you’ve stuck it out with us. 

This year, we decided to celebrate by embracing our inner child. We talked to Pamela and Jeffrey Blair, the owners and founders of EyeSeeMe, St. Louis’ first all African-American children’s bookstore. 

If you’re a parent looking to get your child reading, a teacher hoping to provide more diverse literature options to your students or an independent author looking to get your book into kids’ hands, you need to check out this interview.

Thanks again to the Blairs for taking time to speak with us! Be sure to support the EyeSeeMe by making a purchase or donating to their foundation.

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Continuing our dive into kid lit, next episode we’ll discuss every black girl’s favorite American girl, Addy. Join us when we discuss Meet Addy, by Connie Porter. 

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