Information for Advertisers

Black Chick Lit offers affordable advertising opportunities for those seeking to reach a diverse audience of readers. This page lays out the guidelines, rates and contingencies for advertising on the Black Chick Lit Podcast. Any advertising agreements made with Black Chick Lit are contingent upon these guidelines at the time the agreement was signed. This guidelines may be updated at any time without notice. The most recent copy of our guidelines are available on our website. Past versions are available upon request.

About Us

Black Chick Lit is a bi-monthly podcast whose mission is to support black authors and readers. Each month, Black Chick Lit releases two episodes: one book review and one bonus. Episodes air approximately every other week and lengths vary, but on average run between one to one-and-a-half hours. Black Chick Lit does not accept unsolicited book review requests, nor do we provide a pay-for-review model at this time.

Our Listeners

Black Chick Lit reaches hundreds of listeners a month, the majority of whom are educated (earned at least a high school degree) women who reside in the United States and the United Kingdom. Our audience is engaged with the book community and occupations include authors, librarians, educators and bloggers.

Advertising with Black Chick Lit

Black Chick Lit provides advertising opportunities to individuals and corporations. Ads are read by the hosts of the podcast as a pre-roll, that is, separately before the ad begins. Upon signing a contract with us, you will be asked to provide a script. The hosts will read the script as written (and may provide small additional commentary, for example, a joke, to maintain the friendly, chatty tone of the podcast.)

What Are My Options?

We offer four options for ads. They are:

  • 15-second pre-roll ad, one episodes
  • 15-second pre-roll ad, two episodes
  • 60-second pre-roll ad, one episode
  • 60-second pre-roll ad, two episodes

Because Black Chick Lit is bi-monthly, ads will be approved and run within a one-month period. For example: if you purchase a 15-second, two-episode ad on March 15, your ads will play on both April episodes. At this time, Black Chick Lit is not able to guarantee an ad will run on a specific episode or date.


We charge $15 for a 15-second ad and $35 for a 60-second ad.

  • 15-second pre-roll ad, one episodes = $15
  • 15-second pre-roll ad, two episodes = $25
  • 60-second pre-roll ad, one episode = $45
  • 60-second pre-roll ad, two episodes = $65

These rates are based on current industry standards for podcasts with our listenership and are subject to change as our podcast audience grows. However, you will be charged based on our rates at the time of signing our Advertising Agreement.

What is the Process?

  1. Fill out our Advertiser Interest form
  2. We will reach out to you via the email address provided. We will send the following documents:
    1. An invoice, including the episode or month in which your ad will be read
    2. A link to our ad-copy form
    3. Our Advertisment Agreement
  3. You complete and submit the document, agreement and payment
  4. You have a grace-period of seven days after the signing of the agreement to make any changes to your ad copy, cancel your ad for a full refund, or change the month your ad will play. After seven days, we can pull the ad, but are not able to offer refunds.
  5. We read your ads

What Type of Ads Does Black Chick Lit Accept?

Your ads do not have to be for books, or book-related services. Our listeners are diverse and have a variety of interests. While the tone of BCL is chatty and fun, we do carry an explicit tag from Apple Podcasting (for language). While we will strive to read your ad copy as presented, the rest of the ad may contain strong language or sensitive topics depending on the book we’re covering. You should be mindful of this when choosing to advertise with us. Finally, we reserve the right to refuse any advertising proposal or ad-copy.

If you have any questions about the process, email us at (Questions only! Information or advertising queries sent through email will be ignored.)